10th ResInfra@DR newsletter: OUT NOW!

12. Mar. 2019

Facilitating macro-regional scope and link up to socio-economic actors of Research Infrastructure in the Danube Region

We are happy to present Vol. 10 of the ResInfra@DR newsletter which showcases once again our joint efforts to strengthen the framework conditions for research infrastructures in the Danube region. The project starts with its last pilot actions reaching out for the contribution from the Danube macro-region: The current newsletter provides you with news including a ResInfra@DR call for single experts or expert teams and the SAVE-THE-DATE for the ResInfra@DR final event in June 2019 and further updates on the European RI community.

Panta rhei –  we like to welcome our team member Ms Carmen Siller (ZSI) who will bring in her expertise as the new ResInfra@DR capitalisation manger and can be contacted in case of topic-related requests via email!

The ResInfra@DR project team


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