CAPTOR Tour 2018 in Austria

13. Aug. 2018

Barbara Kieslinger (ZSI) and Sylvana Kroop (ZSI) were together with Sibylle Egger (Global 2000) on CAPTOR Tour 2018

CAPTOR Tour 2018 in Austria from ZSI on Vimeo.

This summer, for the last time in this project, we are testing our ozone measuring devices CAPTOR and RAPTOR in our pilot regions in Spain, Italy and Austria. These innovative, cost-effective meters invented by our partner in France record the ozone levels in all our pilot regions from the beginning of July to September. The recorded ozone data ​​from last summer in our pilot region in southern Austria show that we at least do not have the same ozone concentration as in our comparison regions in Spain and Italy. This summer of 2018, our pilot region in Austria is located around Vienna. The live data for the daily ozone concentration can be easily accessed by anyone via our app "captorAIR" (download via Google Store).

For the researchers of the Center for Social Innovation (ZSI), anchoring the Citizen Science approach as a reliable method is of the utmost importance as it offers many opportunities and advantages over traditional scientific methods, especially in the development of new technologies related to our environment. Citizen Science means mutual learning between scientists and social organizations, individuals and grassroots movements. It is in general an important goal of the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) in Vienna to intensify the interplay between science and society.



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