EaP PLUS welcomes its new partner in Moldova

2. Aug. 2018

The EaP PLUS project’s partner 'CIP' becomes 'NARD'!

The EaP PLUS Modlovan project’s partner Centre for International Projects (CIP) is going through some changes and becomes the National Agency for Research and Development of Moldova (NARD) or 'Agenția Națională pentru Cercetare și Dezvoltare' (ANCD).

In the context of Research and Development (R&D) reforms in Moldova, it was recently decided on the creation of a new R&D agency merging the 3 different existing ones (the Agency for Scientific Research and Development, the Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and the Centre for International Projects of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova).

The new National Agency for Research and Development of Moldova (NARD) was created in March 2018 and joins EaP PLUS partners, replacing its predecessor CIP.

NARD is a big agency and has serious expertise to offer. For example, it is monitoring the activities implemented by clusters in science-technology parks and innovative incubators, which brings it updated views and recent developments in this sector. The new agency is also a national coordinator of the Horizon 2020 Programme.

The next major EaP PLUS event organised by NARD will consist in training for National Contact Points (NCP’s) in Autumn 2018.

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