How to monitor Gender Equality Plans of Universities?

25. Jul. 2018

Learn about the PLOTINA Monitoring Tool - it will support you in monitoring and evaluating your GEP’s progress

This monitoring tool  of Gender Equality Plans

  • is based on 10 core indicators, and 40 specific indicators which can be selected according to your self-tailored GEP’ focus – the indicators have been developed and intensively tested by six RPOs. You can however edit and/or add your own indicators.
  • measures and visualizes your progress over different time periods.
  • consists of a virtual survey, which provides you with a clear structure for the data collection process.
  • consists further of a visualization tool presenting your GEP’s progress data in an easy to grasp way, together with an overall indicator
  • can be customized according to your perceived importance and target value of indicators.
  • is free, open source and can be set-up on your server and adapted to your needs.


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