16. May. 2018

The Registry of Reviewers performing Ex-Ante Assessments of Research Infrastructure in the Danube Region is open!

The ResInfra@DR project is funded under INTERREG Danube Transnational Cooperation Programme, supported by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA), and co-funded by the project partners or from national public co-funding and state contributions. The key objective of the ResInfra@DR is to contribute to the efforts for establishing new research infrastructures (RIs) and for upgrading of the existing ones by strengthening the relevant capacities, which adequately reflect the specific situation in the Danube macro-region.

The ResInfra@DR invites qualified evaluators to get included in a registry of research infrastructure (RI) reviewers. Reviewers in the registry must have the knowledge, experience and ability to conduct ex-ante assessments of upcoming RI instruments and/or planned RIs in the Danube macro-region countries.
Deadline for the submission of applications is 15 July 2018, 17:00 CET.

The registry will be primarily used by ministries, financing authorities, agencies in charge of RIs, and research organisations planning RI investments. The users from the Danube region countries will be informed in special information sessions once the registry is established!The registration as evaluator is open to experts from countries inside and outside the Danube macro-region. Registered applicants with the relevant experience will be invited to the full registry.

In case we spark your interest please find the application form & further details on the ResInfra@DR website...

Photo: Danube Transnational Cooperation Programme, 2017

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