DTIC - Danube Transnational Innovation Cooperation e-tool

28. Nov. 2017

Made in Danube's new open access instrument to support development of bio-economy initiatives across the Danube Region

One major territorial challenge of the Danube area is the improvement of innovation capabilities of local SMEs, especially regarding bio-economy which has the economic potential to impact a wide range of industries and services but also the sustainability of the society.

The development of new products and innovative services by companies in the Danube Region requires the access to scientific and applied research knowledge combined with innovation expertise. The collaboration between research organisations (RTO) and companies is thus crucial. The Made in Danube (MID) project is active to improve the framework conditions for this collaboration process in order to transform ideas into marketable products and services by making local scientific knowledge available at transnational level in the field of bio-economy, and in particular in the smart agriculture, sustainable forestry and bioenergy domains.

Made in Danube has recently releases a new platform DTIC - Danube Transnational Innovation Cooperation e-tool  which match the needs of companies with the expertise of research organizations. The e-tool was designed so as to promote knowledge screening in the Danubian area while fostering exchange and sharing of knowledge and skills across the region. The platform ideally allows the integration of new and existing tools to deliver feasible solutions for DR organisations that want to develop innovative transnational bio-economy businesses.

Organizations interested to cooperate in the field of bio-economy in the Danube Region can use the DTIC e-Tool to build partnerships across the region for the purpose of fostering innovation, technology transfer and knowledge sharing and development.

With a large array of functions such as dedicated databases and matching algorithms for solution providers and innovation champions, visualization tools and data stream integration, product promotion hosting, live communication for project consortia and the DTIC can be accessed on computers or mobile devices.

Made in Danube wants to generate significant changes for all target groups within the quadruple helix throughout the entire region to improve the framework conditions for innovation and support the implementation of regional Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3). In such a context, the DTIC e-Tool can have a significant impact upon the level and quality of transnational collaboration in innovation, research and technology transfer in the Danube Region and it could ideally also been exported as a good practice model to other EU regions.

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