First steps done - the DO IT kick off

6. Nov. 2017

DO-IT held its kick-off in Amsterdam...

... between the 30 - 31 of November kindly hosted by the Waag Society. DO IT contributes to youth employment and to create new jobs in the social economy by nurturing in young pupils seeds for active social innovation: entrepreneurial mind-sets, knowhow and skills. The project empowers primary and secondary school pupils (6-16 years) alongside educators to apply open innovation methods, digital maker tools and collaboration skills to tackle societal problems.


It will develop DO IT toolboxes for children as well facilitators, which provide complementary knowhow and support. They are designed for experiencing being a social innovator in mobile and fixed child-friendly makerspaces and are easily accessible at the interactive DO IT webplatform. DO IT novel resources cover inspirational experimentation, design, prototyping and basic business modelling knowhow needed for sustainable product and service innovation.

The DO IT children’s social innovation and entrepreneurship program is piloted and evaluated across 10 European countries, in schools, innovation labs, maker spaces and social enterprises. It offers intergenerational workshops and training events targeted at different learner needs and learning settings. DO IT’s online idea competition, open to all children in Europe, will inspire them to pursue an entrepreneurial career path.

If you or your school is interested in participating in the project, pl. get in touch with us (Christian Voigt, Margit Hofer and Elisabeth Unterfrauner).

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