SENSES Opening Conference in Budapest

3. Mar. 2017

On the 15 February 2017, ZSI participated in the SENSES Opening Conference.

On the 15 February 2017, ZSI together with the other SENSES partners from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Moldova visited Budapest to participate in the SENSES Opening Conference, co-organized by IFKA Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd. for the Development of the Industry and NESsT Europe Ltd. Involving nearly 80 participants, the conference established the SENSES Transnational Network composed by social enterprises and their ecosystems in the Danube region. Moreover, social enterprises (Szatyorbolt, Toldi House and Symbiosis Foundation), social enterprise accelerators (NESsT, ASHOKA, SEEDS) as well as CSR corporations (pwc, KPMG, Traction Tribe and ERSTE) provided an overview on their activities in order to inspire more social enterprise - CSR corporation co-operations in the future in the Danube region.

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