2nd Danube Region EUREKA Call is open until 31 March 2017

22. Feb. 2017

Germany, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania are participating in this Call

The call concerns joint R&D projects, focusing on developing innovative products and applications in all technological and application areas of civilian nature; applicants are expected to develop ready to market solutions or projects which have strong market potential for all involved participants. The goal of this call is to boost the innovation potential of the companies in the Danube region and to motivate them to conduct transnational R&D projects. 

Visit the Call page for whole official information on eligibility criteria, application procedure, national rules and funding details. Please notice that by 31 March Eureka application AND national application should be submitted.


Partner Search Tool: EUREKA Danube Region Brokerage Platform 2017 (supported by Danube-INCO.NET under coordination of ZSI)

For project and partner search please use the website:

The EUREKA Danube Region Brokerage Platform 2017 offers research contacts with industry and research organizations looking for potential partners in the following countries: Austria, Germany, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania. This platform is bridging the distance between countries and offering you the opportunity to find partners for EUREKA-Danube Region Call projects. 

Joining this virtual platform will give you easy access to scientists and enterprises across borders. You are invited to present your organisation and expertise and to offer project collaboration as partner or as coordinator. Please fill in the profile and deliver short but meaningful information on your business and research focus, be aware that this profile will represent your organisation and research capabilities abroad.


National Rules and Procedures

In addition proposed projects shall follow national rules & procedures of national agencies participating in the call. 

For further information please contact your National Project Coordinator and refer always to the official Call webpage


Ms.Irina Slosar
+43 5 77 55 49 01
Mr. Vedran Đidara
Czech Republic
Mrs.Katharina Lehmeier
Part 1 – EUREKA
Mrs. Angi Solymosi
Part 2 – National Funding Application
Mr. Gergely Mészáros
Contact person by email
Mr.Silviu Roman

More information on this call can be found here ( ). For general information on EUREKA, please see here ( )





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