Highlighting ZSI Discussion Papers

20. Feb. 2017

A growing knowledge base representing manifold approaches and issues in the field of social innovation

In Discussion Papers members of ZSI, invited presenters or colleagues from collaborating partner organisations report procedures and document intermediary or final results of their work. However, these publications never are official project reports ("Deliverables", parts of or complete studies), nor books, book chapters or journal articles.

Technically simple production of Discussion Papers, published online either in English or German language, allows authors to reflect on and to present their analytical and conceptional tasks. At the same time the Discussion Papers, available for free download, invite readers to seek contact with authors to exchange views on their 'work in progress'. 

Meanwhile 36 published Discussion Papers deal with a multiplicity of topics and issues of social innovation, such as social innovation emergence, impact, context and with it related scientific research and theoretic reasoning.


Tags: social innovation