Visualising knowledge co-creation in Europe

16. Jan. 2017

The project KNOWMAK - Knowledge in the making - has started. ZSI's role is in user interaction and visualisation.

The KNOWMAK project aims at developing a web-based tool, which provides interactive visualisations and state-of-the-art indicators on knowledge co-creation in the European Research Area (ERA). It is structured around three integrative elements:

  • Research topics, by developing ontologies around Societal Grand Challenges and Key Enabling Technologies.
  • Actors, with a focus on the quadruple helix and the involvement of societal actors in knowledge co-creation.
  • Geographical spaces, with a focus on multiple level metropolitan, regional, national and European spaces and their interconnectedness.

The tool combines traditional research output data (projects, publications, patent applications) with information on social innovation projects and user attention to knowledge production.

At ZSI, we are reponsible for the user participation and visualisation aspects of KNOWMAK. It is crucial for KNOWMAK that we do not only investigate co-creation in Europe, but also applying a co-creation approach in the development of our visualisation tool. Users from policy, research management, civil society and the business sector will be involved from the beginning. This allows us to orient the database infrastructure, the indicators and the visualisation framework to their needs and use cases.


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