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5. Dec. 2016

Strategic Foresight Workshop

Identify future trends, opportunities and barriers for cooperation in research and innovation (R&I) between Brazil and the European Union (EU). This was the goal of the INCOBRA "Strategic Foresight Workshop (SFW)" which brought together more than 40 Brazilian and European experts from the public and private sectors on Thursday 17th and Friday 18th November in Campinas (State of São Paulo, Brazil).

The SFW was built on a set of plenaries and working group sessions, and inputs for the discussions were based on a synthesis of foresights studies carried out in Brazil and Europe, a bibliographical analysis of co-publications and co-patents, and the contributions obtained through INCOBRA public consultation. 

The afternoon of November, 17th was dedicated to plenary sessions. The goal was to provide general information on the analysis conducted by the INCOBRA team and prepare participants for the following discussions on emerging topics for R&I collaboration projects in the following six priority areas: Bioeconomy; Energy; Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Marie Science; Nanotechnology; ICT and Grand Challenges. 

During the second day, experts from Brazil and Europe were divided into six thematic groups and were asked to identify specific topics of mutual interest for collaboration between Europe and Brazil within each priority area. After meeting for more than four hours, each group listed up to 12 topics which will be brought to the attention of a second group of experts that will gather in Frankfurt for a second SFW.

In January 2017, INCOBRA will organize a complementary workshop in Frankfurt, Germany. In this event, Europeans will have the opportunity to discuss the same thematic areas more broadly.  

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