Top-10 research priorities for sustainable futures

7. Jun. 2016

Insights from and for Austria

The worrying sustainability trends of European lifestyles call for long-term measures and moreover, for strong stakeholder engagement and endorsement of policy measures. In order to address needs that have impacts on the sustainability of the future, the CASI project conducted a comprehensive citizen and expert engagement exercise, which involved 184 citizens in 12 European Member States. As a result, the CASI project delivered Top-10 lists for sustainable of research priorities for Europe and for each of the participating Member States. 
The sustainable research priorities were identified through an interactive process engaging citizens and experts. First, citizens drafted visions of sustainable and desirable futures, which experts then formulated into research priorities. Finally, citizens assessed and validated these priorities. The overall procedure as well as the Top-10 scoring procedure are described in greater detail in three CASI reports which are available at (Matschoss et al. 2015 on Top-10 research priorities, Repo et al. 2015 on expert formulation of research priorities, and Kaarakainen et al. 2015 on citizen visions).

Top-10 for Austria are:
1. Holistic education for a sustainable future
2. Fair and participatory access to limited resources
3. Supporting people to become producers of renewable energy
4. Innovating agriculture: the sustainability option
5. Unified ecological grading system
6. Supporting Eco-preneurship
7. Understanding and implementing sustainable electronics
8. Sustainable living environment
9. New working models – new economic models
10. Supporting local/regional agricultural production, distribution and consumption

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