An Invitation to An Exchange Workshop on Social Policy Experimentation

25. Jan. 2016

Interested in exchanging your ideas and experiences on social policy experimentation? Find out more...

Date: 4th of March 2016
Venue: Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) GmbH, Linke Wienzeile 246, 1150 Vienna, Austria
Theme: Social Policy Experimentation – Opportunities & Challenges in Practice

Workshop objective and focus

The Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) will host a workshop entitled ‘Social Policy Experimentation – Opportunities & Challenges in Practice’ and invites researchers and other experts who regularly use experimental methods to assess social policies, to discuss previous and ongoing policy experiments. We would like to ponder on the potential of experimental methods as well as on the encountered practical problems regarding ethics, participant recruitment, random assignment, attrition and many more as well as on the statistical approaches to deal with them.

Workshop format

The workshop will be discussion oriented with inputs on projects conducted by ZSI related to this topic as well as possible inputs from participants with ongoing projects on social policy experimentation. It aims at taking ideas even at an early stage and discussing them in a constructive way. 

The workshop will start in the morning of March the 4th (10:00am) and will last until early afternoon (4pm at the latest). A final program for the workshop will be provided as the number of participants has been confirmed.

Intention to participate

There is a limitation on the number of participants that can be accepted. Please inform us about the policy experimentation you are or were involved in as well as the practical problems that you would like to discuss. Travel costs will be covered by the Jump@School project (more information on the project in the “background information” section below).

To register for this event please write an email to:
Juliet Tschank, MA:
Dr. Stefanie Konzett-Smoliner:

Deadline of the intention to participate: 8th of February 2016

Background information

The workshop is organised within the Jump@School Project (Life-Long-Learning Program). The aim of this project is to successfully develop and experimentally test an innovative intervention to prevent early school leaving. This intervention is experimentally tested in different countries and cities with the aim of seeing the effects of different contexts on the results of the experiment. In this project, ZSI is responsible for the impact assessment of the intervention. For further information about the project, please visit:

We hope to see you in Vienna!


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