Identification of Pertinent Topics for RTI Cooperation

10. Dec. 2015

Increasing Innovation Cooperation in the Black Sea Area

Among the tasks of WP3 that fosters increased collaboration of research communities within the Black Sea region and with researchers in all the other EU/MS/AC, the Task 3.1 aims to facilitate the identification of pertinent topics of mutual interest serving as input to the forthcoming HORIZON 2020 Work Programmes, other research programmes and international initiatives, as well as the envisaged Joint Call for Proposal, prepared under WP2 of the Black Sea Horizon Project. 

To this end, three workshops will be organised in Sofia (ARC Fund), Moscow (HSE) and Tbilisi (ESIDG), with the participation of eminent researchers from the EU and the non-EU Black Sea countries to discuss and identify such future research sub-topics. 

The workshops are scheduled for March 2016, focusing on three thematic fields, sustainable agriculture, resource efficiency and environment, chemistry and smart materials. 

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