Participation of cohesion countries in Horizon 2020 still low

16. Oct. 2015

MIRRIS newsletter: EU13 participation in H2020 has not shown significant improvement as compared to 2007-2008 FP7 data

The most recent edition of the newsletter of the MIRRIS project on 'Mobilising Institutional Reforms in Research and Innovation Systems', in which ZSI is consortium partner is published!


  • The first news explores one of the most important considerations emerged by MIRRIS policy dialogues: the importance of being part of Brussels-based network and associations as a first step to successful application.
  • The second news provides a first, preliminary comparison of EU13 countries participation in H2020, as compared to the first two years of the Seventh Framework Programme.
  • The third news is dedicated to a webinar that will take place on 22nd October 2015, about which are the key factors influencing a successful participation of innovation systems to the European Research Area.
  • The fourth and final news is a reflection on disruption and on the key drivers of innovation in the new century. The reflection focuses in particular on the entrepreneurship culture – which is present differently from place to place – as a necessary underpinning cultural characteristic making possible the transition between knowledge and a vital knowledge economy.

Read the whole newslettere here.

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