SEA-EU-NET II has been published in the Horizon 2020 Projects’ stories

25. Jun. 2015

EU DG Research & Innovation has published the SEA-EU-NET II project on its Horizon 2020 project stories website.

The project, which is led by DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) and in which ZSI is a partner, was published on the website of EU DG Research & Innovation for H2020 project stories. This allows a bigger public to become familiar with the project and informs relevant stakeholders in the network of the EU about particular project activities.
SEA-EU-NET 2 builds upon and leverages strong EU-SEA S&T relationships developed through past support and coordination actions, to deepen engagement and build momentum in S&T cooperation. It broadens the scope of EU-SEA cooperation through stimulating sustainable innovation collaborations. SEA-EU-NET 2 focuses on three societal challenges: Health, Food security and safety, and Water management, where the greatest opportunities are leveraged from joint EU-SEA research. SEA-EU-NET 2 serves as a platform for all stakeholders across governments, funders, practitioners, and the private sector, to ensure a complete and integrated approach to developing sustainable STI collaboration to jointly tackle societal challenges.
Find further information to this news on the project website and in the H2020 project stories.

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