Comparative Report on Diversity and Diversity Management in AT, CZ, PL and ES

9. Apr. 2015

This study is the first Intellectual Output (IO 1) of the project TUNED UP!

The comparative analysis of the four country reports shows some considerable variations regarding both the socio-demographic labour market profiles and the degree of the implementation of managing diversity.

Austria has to put more efforts towards age management and equal pay.

In Czech Republic generally more could be investigated towards diversity managing, particularly in relation to the considerable gender gap in leading positions. The provision of diversity related awards would support the business case of diversity.

Poland should approach via diversity management a better age management of the workforce, and a better recognition of the high percentage of female talents for leadership positions.

In Spain it seems for the degree of implementation of diversity management could be more done, both related to the provision of diversity awards as well as corporate level. A better age management for the sake of youth employment is clearly in the foreground; also towards equal pay diversity management could make a contribution.

The findings of this study will feed into all other activities of the TUNED UP! project such as the development of e-tools and information material.


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Tags: diversity, lifelong learning