E!DI Eureka Danube Initiative Call 2015 launched

16. Mar. 2015

It results from an initiative following the EUSDR and aims at a closer collaboration between companies in the DR.

The implementation of the E!DI Eureka Danube Initiative Call 2015 was facilitated by the Danube-INCO.NET project, which is co-ordinated by ZSI. At a joint EUREKA and Danube-INCO.NET meeting in Austria in December 2014, the final details for this EUREKA Danube Region multilateral call were discussed.

Key Dates

  Opening of the Call   March 9, 2015
  Deadline for Project Outlines   April 30, 2015
  Deadline for Project Submission   June 17, 2015
  Labeling of successful Applications   October 2015 / January 2016


Participating Countries

The countries participating in the initiative are, in alphabetical order: Austria (AT), Bosnia and Hercegovina (BA), Bulgaria (BG), Croatia(HR), Czech Republic (CZ), Germany (DE), Hungary (HU), Montenegro (ME), Romania (RO), Serbia (RS), Slovak Republic (SK).

To check the availability of budget and the funding opportunities in your country please download the call information.

Basic eligibility criteria for projects and consortia

  • The call addresses consortia of at least two independent enterprises from at least two of the participating countries who want to carry out a collaborative project.
  • The proposed project must be an industry driven research and development project in which the project partners are collaborating to realize a new, innovative product, process or service.
  • Proposals may stem from any thematic or technological area.
  • The only restriction is that the project must be of civilian purpose.
  • Projects need to be balanced, a single project partner may not account for more than 75% of the project cost.
  • The recommended project duration is between 12 and 36 months.

Project partners outside the Danube Region

Fulfilling the above mentioned eligibility criteria, additional partners from EUREKA countries or other third countries may participate in project consortia provided that they have a secured financing of their project shares.

Public Funding

Any public funding for projects is organized on a national basis. For more information of the funding rules of your country: 

Fore more information:

Call information Download

Download the project application form. (parts of this form also serves as the project outline form)

For more information please contact:


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