SEA-EU-NET 2 Analysis Work in Full Swing

10. Dec. 2014

New Report on Framework Conditions for Innovation in Southeast Asia

The SEA-EU-NET 2 analysis team, led by ZSI, has finalised a report on framework conditions for innovation in Southeast Asia. It focuses on the relevance, current state, and future potential of issues such as intellectual property rights, material transfer agreements, and public procurement for innovation in the Southeast Asian context. Analysis results will also be discussed in a workshop "Towards the ASEAN Economic Community" at the ASEAN-EU STI Days 2015 in Paris.

The framework conditions report adds to the previous results of the SEA-EU-NET 2 analysis work, which are of continuous and increasing interest for the stakeholder communities in Southeast Asia and Europe. Recently finished studies have been the reason that SEA-EU-NET 2 experts from ZSI have been invited as speakers and panelists to major stakeholder and networking events such as the InnovateUK 2014 conference in London or the EURAXESS Links ASEAN conferences in Singapore and Bangkok.

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