EVAL-INNO: final publication on RTDI evaluation in Southeast Europe available

16. Oct. 2014

Capacity building for better policy making

Within the last three years EVAL-INNO has promoted evaluation of RTDI in Southeast Europe. The partners – including the lead partner ZSI – have conducted pilot evaluations and capacity building measures to promote the use of evaluation in STI policy making. A key potential of evaluation is the better alignment of R&D funding measures within the existing innovation and research systems in Southeast Europe. Funded under the Southeast Transnational Cooperation programme (SEE-TCP), the project continues well beyond its project lifetime with important activities.

Final publication: Developing RTDI Evaluation Culture in Southeast Europe
This publication presents the tangible evidence of the progress made by the EVAL-INNO project, and also provides insight into the trends of current RTDI evaluation. It stresses the need for similar initiatives in future.
The publication is thematically divided into three parts. In the first part, the reader will be introduced to the topic with an exhaustive comparative study on the contemporary evaluation culture in Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro, and Serbia. The second part of the publication presents the main achievements of the EVAL-INNO project, including: the RTDI Evaluation Standards; the EVAL-INNO Evaluation Platform; the capacity-building trainings; the benchmarking of public RTDI organisations in six different countries of the region, and the pilot programme evaluations in Hungary, Montenegro and Serbia. This part ends with a discussion on the sustainability of the projects results.  The third part of the publication presents some concrete evaluation examples from the SEE region, prepared by international experts, which highlight practices that can be referenced in the design and implementation of future evaluations.

You can download or order the final publication online.

Thematic Pole Leader
In 2013  the Centre for Social Innovation - ZSI was invited to act as thematic pole leader for innovation governance and policy within the South East Europe transnational cooperation programme. During the Annual SEE Programme conference in Ljubljana end of September 2014 the project coordinator of EVAL-INNO was invited to present the perspective of the eleven projects included in the Thematic Pole 1 with regard to capitalisation of results and cross-programme cooperation in the covered fields.  By showcasing good practice, one of the beneficiaries of the capacity measures in EVAL-INNO, Ljiljana Belada from DDSME presented her experiences with the project to the audience


More photos from the event can be found here

Please find also some impressions from the fifth EVAL-INNO Training held in the beginning of October 2014 in Nis, Serbia. This event was organised by the Mihailjo Pupin Institute  supported by ZSI experts as trainers.


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