Intellectual Capital and Education Conference

7. Oct. 2014

Warsaw, Poland 4-6, December 2014

Countries and nations worldwide are investing heavily in their knowledge assets, including investments in education and intellectual capital. Fostering creativity is becoming the biggest challenge of education systems worldwide. Private and public institutions are faced with issues that were non-existent just 10 or 20 years ago such as information overload, falling job commitment from Gen-Y employees, scarcity of new ideas for business development, etc.

In order to pursue these new challenges and gather top intellectuals from around the world who will be able to engage in scientific debate, Vistula University is organizing the First International Conference on Intellectual Capital & Education to be held in Warsaw, Poland 4-6, December 2014 ). The Conference will take place at the main campus of Vistula University in Warsaw, Poland.

Klaus Schuch, ZSI, will deliver a key-note speech during the conference.

More information and registration can be accessed here.


Tags: education, innovation management, research and innovation