ener2i EU Brokerage Event - Hosted by the Committee of the Regions

14. May. 2014

back to back with the "European Sustainable Energy Week" in Brussels on 23 June 2014

Back to back with the European Sustainable Energy Week, eseia, project partner of the EU funded project ener2i (ZSI is responsible coordinator of the project.), is organising a series of networking and capacity building sessions in Brussels to support EU-ENP cooperation and knowledge transfer.  The event will target representatives from companies, higher education and research institutions and politics from the EU and ENP countries of Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Moldova. The aim is to create partnerships for Horizon2020 calls and other funding opportunities on the following three innovation challenges:

1. Bioresource Utilisation

  • Bioresource usage scenarios;
  • Managing transition to a low-carbon economy;
  • Sustainable use of agricultural waste;

2. Smart Cities and Regions

  • Energy efficieny;
  • Smart integration (i.e. grids, mobility);
  • Decentralised energy systems;

3. Capacity Building

  • The Human Factor;
  • Smart specialization strategies (3s);
  • Public awareness and engagement.

If you want to register please click here.

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Tags: bioeconomy, capacity building, climate change, energy, smart city

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