EVAL-INNO Final conference 25-26 March 2014

10. Feb. 2014

RTDI Evaluation capacity development 2011-2014

March 25 - 26, 2014, Vienna, Austria

After almost three years, the project EVAL-INNO is entering its final stage. The Final conference will present the main results and efforts achieved by the project. It will furthermore show the opportunities for longlasting futurue action, the possible sustainability through ownership int he region. The conference will display the most crucial findings in the following fields covered by the project:

  • the mapping of the regional RTDI evaluation culture,
  • the preparation of evaluation standards and trainings,
  • the public procurement in innovation evaluations,
  • the setting up of the virtual regional RTDI Evaluation platform,
  • the programme evaluation and benchmarking exercise,
  • the promotion of international exchange and sustainability.

The project is expecting a vast participation to the conference by its partners, evaluators, programme owners, national and international stakeholders, policy makers and public authorities.

The event will further promote the extension of the project´s goals beyond its conlusion and the possibility of cross-fertilization with similar initiatives. EVAL-INNO is financed from the Southeast Europe Transnational Cooperation Programmeand national contributions by the participating countries from Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia. 

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