SCORE OPEN CONSULTATION in the Western Balkans to define what are the local ICT research priorities for the period 2007 -2013

18. Nov. 2007

The SCORE project has started the Open Consultation process in order to find out what are the ICT research priorities for the period 2007 – 2013 in each of the Western Balkan participating countries.

A first phase of this consultation process has recently involved a pool of key ICT experts who have indicated precise ICT research priorities for each of these countries. Accordingly to these findings, 4 country-specific ICT Strategic Research Agendas have been developed.
The ongoing open on-line consultation is aimed at gathering the feedback of a broader ICT stakeholder audience, so as to finalise these documents, and render them a concrete basis for the implementation of the project final output: the Policy Paper with “Recommendations for shaping EU scientific co-operation with the Western Balkan Region in the field of ICT research: 2007-2013”.

The SCORE project team kindly invite all people interested in giving their opinion and having an active role in defining the most suitable ICT research priorities for their countries to participate in the consultation.

Participating is possible till 10th December 2007, by answering to 3 simple questions and clicking here.

For more information: Desiree Pecarz