Improving S&T Indicators in Central Asia - Training seminar in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 23th – 24th April 2013

18. Apr. 2013

S&T indicators in Central Asia

The training workshop “Improving S&T indicators in Central Asia” is a continuation of the first successful workshop on S&T indicators organized in Almaty, Kazakhstan in April 2011. The workshop provides a hands-on training to familiarize statistical offices as well as research performing organisations (respondents to national S&T surveys) with internationally accepted methodological base of the Frascati Manual. Practical exercises support participants in understanding of the functionality of own national as well as international data collection, they enable to reflect them on the S&T data collection and analysis and facilitate knowledge exchange between the data collecting institutions (statistical offices) and data providing institutions (survey respondents). Moreover, the training will offer an insight into using R&D standards as an internal controlling tool at the level of research performing organisations. The aim of the workshop is the identification of good practices and potentials for improvement with concrete future follow-up activities.


  • the national statistical agencies and institutions and the S&T indicator experts aiming at introducing internationally accepted standards
  • the survey respondents during data collection being confronted with new methodology, new data collection approaches and classifications and the internal processes of their own entity
  • the data users such as national governments, agencies (if applicable), international statistical organisations


  • Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI, Austria)
  • Archimedes Foundation (Estonia)
  • National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS, France)
  • Institute of Material Sciences SPA "Physics - Sun" Academy of Sciences Republic of Uzbekistan (IMS-UZ, Uzbekistan)
  • Independent Expert Consulting Boardto Promote Scientific Research Activity in Kazakhstan (INEXCB-Kz, Kazakhstan)
  • National Library of the Kyrgyz Republic  (NLKR, Kyrgyz Republic)
  • Modern Scientists (MS, Tajikistan)
  • Scientific Consulting Center "Altyn Umyt" (SCC-Altyn Umyt, Turkmenistan)

For more information you can contact at ZSI:

Gabriela Cikikyan

Martin Felix Gajdusek


Tags: Central Asia, S&T indicators

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