12. Mar. 2013

by the "Central European Knowledge Platform for an Ageing Society”

One of the core activities of the three-year project “Central European Knowledge Platform for an Ageing Society” (short: “CE-Ageing Platform”), co-funded by the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme, is the development of the transnational CE-Ageing Strategy aiming to serve as a joint strategic guideline for the Central European countries and regions in order to manage and adequately respond to the challenges of demographic change.

The strategy is developed with and for CE-countries and regions with the objective to establish coordinated actions at the transnational, national, regional and local level.  In February 2013, the project consortium proudly introduced the “GREEN PAPER CE-AGEING STRATEGY”, a 64-page comprehensive document providing links between most central policies and recommendations on measures/actions with the intention to enable regions in managing and adapting to demographic change. Best practice examples of relevant ageing projects and initiatives are presented in alphabetical order as well as deep insight into latest developments in the pilots’ implementation under WP4 “Age-Partnership Actions” and WP5 “Age-SME Interventions” is provided.

Members of the Age-Steering Group (ASG, a decision making body responsible for the overall strategy development), selected experts of research and applied science and content related policy responsible persons at national level consulted during three thematic workshops
(1st workshop: 17 April 2012, Berlin/Germany;
2nd workshop: 13 June 2012, Linz/Austria;
3rd workshop: 17 September 2012, Vienna/Austria),
intensively discussed core aspects of the Strategy and developed possible trends and scenarios for 2050 taking into account different policy areas and their impact on demographic change such as economy, demography, ergonomics, health, labour market policy and social sciences.

Finally, a joint vision 2050 was created, approved by the ASG and published in July 2012 incorporating ideas, comments and recommendations given by a wide range of relevant stakeholders, NGOs, universities, companies and private persons (including primarily older workers, job-seekers) via online-questionnaire. Fruitful discussions held with policy makers and persons responsible for policy actions, SME’s, older persons, NGOs and persons in charge of human resource development (HRD), education, migration, social, labour market and economic policy during events organised in the frame of the CE-Ageing Platform (international ageing conferences held 2012 in the Slovak Republic and Slovenia. The peer reviews organised in the Slovak Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Poland) significantly helped to collect and merge innovative ideas and good practice examples from all CE-countries/regions and were finally integrated into the GREEN PAPER CE-AGEING STRATEGY.

For more information about the strategy and the CE-Ageing Platform, please consult the website  or contact the project communication manager Ms. Jana Machacova via

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