Stepping up to the European School of Social Innovation

15. Jan. 2013

Launch date of the study programme M.A. in Social Innovation: April 23rd, 2013

logo_editorial.jpg Josef Hochgerner, Scientific Director of ZSI

We appreciate increasing interest - internationally and in Austria - in the initiative to create a European School of Social Innovation, and concerning the study programme Master of Arts in Social Innovation. The latter will start officially end of April 2013 at the Danube University Krems (Austria).

Danube University Krems (DUK), in cooperation with the Centre for Social Innovation, offers a worldwide unique master's programme for for post graduate study to develop innovations in the public, business, and civil society sectors. Graduates of the M.A. in Social Innovation will be able to work in the development, planning and realisation of social transformation processes in a wide variety of organisations or as individual consultants and supervisors. Special emphasis is attached to the importance of social media, which over the past years have undergone a transformation from an accompanying instrument to engines of social innovation processes.

Target groups are executives, employees and freelancers who want to qualify for the invention, implementation, evaluation, and monitoring of social innovations in enterprises, public institutions and other societal organisations like NGOs. As the DUK is a university of continuing education, students enrolled usually are mid-career academics seeking to advance or to readjust their career path. In order to enable extra-occupational studying, the programme will be delivered in a blended learning mode, involving online distance learning and face-to-face sessions at the Danube University in Krems. An international faculty of scholars will be available to meet the expectations of students from Austria, Europe, and around the world.

Launching this 5-term course of study represents a major step in building up scientific and professional knowledge of social innovation in the context of the fast growing relevance and acceptance of the concept of social innovation. Together with DUK and further partners from a variety of other Austrian and European Universities (the first involved are from Germany and Spain) ZSI will strive towards factual implementation of the European School of Social Innovation, realising joint programmes of study, summer schools, short term training programmes and international research collaboration.

Comments and enquiries pertaining to the Eurpean School of Social Innovation (ESSI) as well as to the M.A. in Social Innovation are cordially invited, since we are looking for fellow champions of social innovation - and applications to the M.A. study programme are still welcome too!

Josef Hochgerner

Scientific Director of ZSI and Scientific Supervisor of the study programme at DUK


For more information on the M.A. in Social Innovation please confer to or download the 2p information in brief attached. Direct enquiries concerning the technicalities of study should be sent to Denisa Vesely, Programme Director:


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