ESF Innovation Award 2012

17. Dec. 2012

3 of Top-5 projects were developed by TEPs in Austria

This year the ESF Innovation Award honoured innovative ESF projects especially targeted at girls and women. A jury nominated the Top-5 projects, of which three were developed and are implemented within the Territorial Employment Pacts (TEPs) in Austria. The final ranking was decided by online voting.

This years ESF Innovation Award winner is the project ‘Zukunftswege’.The project has the objective to motivate girl with little positive learning experience through innovative learning methods (e.g. online blog). The second-place winner ‘beruf:pflege’ (TEP Vorarlberg) supports women working in the nursing sector and unemployed carers with counselling services and workshops on health promotion and stress management. The projects ‘go.on’ (TEP Vienna) and ‘HTL-Kolleg’share the third place. ‘Go.on’ is a coaching project for young women in non-traditional apprenticeship occupations which supports them with workshops and networking activities in their career start as skilled workers. ‘HTL-Kolleg’ is targeted at unemployed women and qualifies the participant as industrial engineers within a 4-term programme.

Project information is  available in German:

Tags: partnership, social innovation