Citizen Science or how you and me can discover new galaxies!

14. Nov. 2012

Project SOCIETIC was recently launched

Citizen science has emerged recently as a new concept to involve the general public in scientific processes. One of the best ways to help people understand science is to involve  in scientific research and experiments. This is what citizen science tries to achieve. With the help of the internet, people are able to participate in a variety of research actions that includes such diverse fields such as earthquake detection, protein docking or classification of astronomical images. This trend is relatively new, but the number of volunteers involved is growing every day.

At the ZSI we see a certain potential for social innovation in citizen science and are exploring it. SOCIETIC is a recently launched project where citizens will be engaged in classifying cells and thus support research on Alzheimer or cancer, where large sets of cells need to be observed. In another study volunteers can contribute to creating temperature maps by measuring the temperature inside their homes on a regular basis and help optimize heating strategies for the whole city.

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