IncoNet EECA Benchmarking Exercise

20. Jun. 2012

Final Review Meeting on the benchmarking exercise in the frame of the project IncoNet EECA, Athens, 18 June 2012

The final Review Meeting on the benchmarking exercise in the frame of the project IncoNet EECA ( has been organised in Athens on 18 June 2012 where good practices at the evaluated institutes have been presented by the representatives of the institutes from Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan. The event was one of the last activities of the project, which comes to an end in June.

ZSI (Klaus Schuch, Gorazd Weiss) coordinated and led the Benchmarking Exercise of the European, Eastern European and Central Asian RTDI Institutions from the Field of Nano-Science/Nano-Technology in the frame of the IncoNet EECA project which has been carried out from February till June 2012.

Based on the RECORD methodology (see The RECORD Manual), the benchmarking approach has been developed which included self-assessment reports, gathering of qualitative and quantitative data and visits by the evaluators: Elke Dall (ZSI), Erich Gornik (Technical University Vienna, Austria) and Paul Tomlins (consultant, UK).

Institutes from Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria and Kazakhstan have participated in the Benchmarking Exercise: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Institute of Polymers, Institute of Electronics, Institute of Solid State Physics), Belarus State University (Institute for Nuclear Problems), National Academy of Sciences, Armenia (Institute of Physical Research), Institute of Physics and Technology, Kazakhstan.

To finalise the comparative report, the Final Review Meeting facilitated by the evaluators has been organised by IncoNet EECA project coordinator "International Centre for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS)" in Athens on 18 June 2012 where issues in the fields of Human Resources and Management, Funding, Buildings and Facilities, Communication and Media Relations, Publications, as well as Health and Safety have been vividly discussed and good practices have been exchanged.


Elke Dall (

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