Two ZSI projects are labelled as flagship projects of the EU Danube Region Strategy

18. Jun. 2012

Central European Knowledge Platform for an Ageing Society und Re-Turn: Regions benefitting from returning migrants

The CENTRAL EUROPE projects CE-Ageing Platform and Re-Turn have been labelled as projects belonging to and supporting Priority Area 9 “To Invest in People and Skills" of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR).

The Central European Knowledge Platform for an Ageing Society (ZSI is project partner) was explicitly mentioned as leading project in the context of the Danube region strategy by the Federal Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, Rudolf HUNDSTORFER, during his opening speech of the International Stakeholder Conference „To invest in People and Skills“ (within the framework: EU strategy for the Danube region) which took place on13 June 2012, in Vienna.

The second project Re-Turn - Regions benefitting from returning migrants, where ZSI is also project partner, was intensively discussed on working group level because several countries in the Danube region are currently dealing with challenges regarding to the return of citizens from abroad. The Conference aimed at the exchange of information – regarding to completed, currently running or planned projects –  of about 160 stakeholders, based in the Danube region. Further information can be found there:

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