Participatory assessment workshops in Berlin

25. Apr. 2012

Evaluation of the CE-Knowledge-Platform for an Ageing Society

The first workshops in a row of interactive activities to evaluate the CE Knowledge Platform for an Ageing Society took place in Berlin on the 16th of April 2012. These assessment workshops are designed to allow project partners benefitting from preliminary findings and getting feedback from other partners to their implementation activities, but also stimulating ideas and exchanging activities. During the workshop the moderators guided the participants through a critical reflection and discussion on pilot activities, using the technique of visualization to structure the discussion and illustrate the outcomes from the pilots via artefacts. The resulting maps (complemented by workshop participants) visualise the pilot activities and their conditions and impacts. They provide an overview about the status quo of project activities as a good basis for further additions and comparisons at later stages of the project. Further participatory assessment workshops will follow.

For further information please contact: ilse Marschalek, Teresa Holocher-Ertl

Tags: ageing society, evaluation, social inclusion, social innovation