ZSI with nanochannels at the Guardian, London

14. Feb. 2012

A successful cooperation

ZSI, partner in the nanochannels project implemented interactive assessment methods to evaluate readers’ opinions. The ZSI team conducted a workshop with randomly selected Guardian readers from 18 to 72 years to assess the latest supplement on nanotechnologies. Participatory methods were applied to find out opinions on content, structure, illustration and relevance of the 4 pages supplement. The workshop provided feedback to the Guardian but also stimulated a discussion on nanotechnologies, considering main concerns and expectations. Open questions will be taken into account within the next Guardian supplement to be published in April.

ZSI also conducted an ad hoc evaluation of the live round table debate on nano medicine to get immediate feedback from the audience who had come to discuss with minister David Willets and the other panellists.


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Tags: nanotechnology, social innovation