Steering Platform on Research successfully held in Sarajevo

15. Dec. 2011

WBC-INCO.NET project supported the platform meeting

The Steering Platform on Research for the Western Balkan countries was held on 1st December  2011 in Sarajevo, BiH, co-chaired by the Polish Council Presidency, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Commission back-to-back with the project’s Executive Steering Board meeting and its General Assembly.

Dissemination activities
as coordinator of the WBC-INCO.NET project and also responsible for its dissemination activities, now published the autumn/winter issue of the project’s journal – the online version can be accessed via the following link:

At the meeting in Sarajevo reports were presented on the progress in science, technology and innovation (STI) in the region as well as international STI cooperation with the region. Members of the platform are the EU Member States and Associated Countries (AC) as well as several stakeholders such as RCC, the Central European Initiative (CEI), EUREKA, OECD etc.

The need to continue the support for all enlargement countries with the Steering Platform was called upon, building on the existing projects such as SEE-ERA.NET PLUS and WBC-INCO.NET which are coordinated by ZSI – a remark to this end was formulated in the conclusions of the meeting. Analytical results from WBC-INCO.NET have been presented and specific recommendations discussed.

The participants have also been informed about the launch of the project “Regional R&D for Innovation Strategy for the Western Balkans” which took place in Belgrade on 23-25 November. 

Horizon 2020
The absolute key presentation of the day was held in the afternoon - the European Commission introduced some details of 'Horizon 2020' - the day after the adoption of the proposal by the European Commission. In particular, accession possibilities for enlargement countries have been discussed. As Horizon 2020 draws very much on the "Synergies with the Structural Funds" (for EU Member States), the synergies with the next IPA II (Instrument for Pre-Accession) were another hot topic and several questions were raised on its effective implementation.

Next meeting in Albania
The next meeting will be held in June in Albania, co-chaired with the European Commission and the Danish presidency. Please check for updates and regular information!

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