NANOYOU & NANOCHANNELS mentioned at Outreach Workshop at EuroNanoForum 2011

25. Jul. 2011

Communication outreach for education: projects, prospects and needs for EU governance

Budapest, EuroNanoForum, Conference centre

The workshop was dedicated to the presentation of 5 outstanding projects communicating Nanotechnology and science for education (NANOYOU, NANOCHANNELS, TIMEFORNANO, NANOTOTOUCH, NANODIALOGUE) funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission and to the presentation of Scientix, the European platform for science education in Europe.

The ZSI (Team: ilse Marschalek, Katharina Handler, Martina Lindorfer) was represented with the projects NANOYOU and NANOCHANNELS and presented results of qualitative and quantitative surveys as well as the evaluation results for NANOYOU.

The NANOYOU project ended shortly after the workshop in June 2011 and is already considered as being a best practice project.


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