ERAWATCH Analytical country report 2010: Austria

1. Jul. 2011

ERAWATCH Analytical country report 2010: Austria

The analytical ERAWATCH country report on the state and progress of RTDI in Austria has been recently published. It contains an ssessment of the national policies/measures supporting the strategic ERA objectives (derived from ERA 2020 Vision) and provides information on

  • Performance of the national research and innovation system and assessment of recent policy changes
  • Interactions between national policies and the European Research Area and
  • Conclusions on the effectiveness of the knowledge triangle and the progress towards ERA 2020 objectives.

This report has been compiled with information obtainable until December 2010.

The report was produced by Klaus Schuch from ZSI. it has benefited from comments and suggestions of Marco Vivarelli, who reviewed the draft report. The contributions and comments of Alexander Cuntz from JRC-IPTS and DG-RTD are also gratefully acknowledged. The opinions expressed are those of the authors only and should not be considered as representative of the European Commission’s official position.

The report is only published in electronic format and available on the ERAWATCH website. Comments on this report are welcome and should be addressed to

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