OpenScience Communication conference in Belgrade (Nov. 24-25)

ZSI co-organises a session "New Opportunities for Adressing Societal Needs with Citizen Science"

Section: Research Policy & Development

Date: 24. - 25. November 2022

Citizen science (CS) can play an even broader societal and scientific role than it is generally acknowledged, particularly in critical fields of research in times of multiple crisis, such as energy poverty, health and environmental monitoring.

The panel offers information about upcoming possibilities with a call in the IMPETUS project, which aims to open the door for new stakeholders wanting to try out developing citizen science projects. It illustrates experiences from running initiatives funded in the frame of the STEP CHANGE project (focus is on environment, health, energy) and how a citizen science initiative from Albania where citizen scientists work on the assessment of ecosystem services. Furthermore, the panel sheds light on the opportunities to use citizen science for purposes of science communication by sharing experiences from NEWSERA's #CitSciComm Labs. The panel ends with an invitation to the audience to experiment with CS and by providing suggestions for next steps.

The session is moderated by Elke Dall (ZSI) and includes

  • Gefion Thuermer (IMPETUS coordinator) presents the opportunities the IMPETUS project offers for citizen science initiatives.
  • Kejt Dharmi (WBC-RRI.NET partner); presents the citizen science case from the Albanian environmental ecosystem in the Kune-Vain-Tale area
  • Carla Peruca (NEWSERA and StepChange partner) presents to use citizen science in science communication and promote science literacy
  • Chris Styles (Step Change partner), advise from experience when you now want to start what to take into account in terms of communication

Type: Event organised by other institutions

Organizer: CPN Belgrade

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Involved ZSI Employees:

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Tags: Balkan, citizen science, science communication

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