Early Career Research Conference

Social Innovation Policy: Concepts, Methods and Policy Practices

Section: Institut

Date: 21. - 23. September 2022

The Early Career Research Conference (ECC) "Social Innovation Policy: Concepts, Methods and Policy Practices" organised by Technische Universität Dortmund and FraunhoferISI and supported by EuSPRI and the ESSI European School of Social Innovation just started in Dortmund!
For three days there will be many exciting sessions, discussions and key notes (by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Howaldt, Dr. Klaus Schuch, Michael Asquith, Prof. Dr. Jakob Edler & Prof. Dr. Julia Wittmayer) about key issues in #socialinnovation #research, such as the EU’s Social Innovation Policy Approach, STIPolicy and the Environment – and many more. We are happy that so many young colleagues are interested in this topic, a testimony of a shift in STI policy towards including social innovation as a major element of holistic innovation – and indeed transformational – policy.

More information about the conference:

Type: Event organised by other institutions

Organizer: Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund, Fraunhofer ISI

Location: Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund

Involved ZSI Employees: