Webinar: Social Innovation Measurement: How to capture the impact of social innovation?

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Date: 14. June 2022

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Social Innovation Measurement: How to capture the impact of social innovation?

Despite all advances in our knowledge of social innovation, what remains an important open question until today is how to capture its impact – both desirable and undesirable. This is a question which is important both for social innovators in understanding the consequences of their actions, for policy makers in creating the framework conditions as well as for researchers in constructing frameworks and performing analysis to advance our understandings of such impacts. What makes measuring social innovation such a complex task? Not only are a multitude of actors involved, social innovation also spans different geographical scales, to name just two variables.

Following a brief introduction to the theme, we would like to discuss with you the following questions in this interactive webinar:

  1. Which innovation (proto)types and innovation paths (dynamics) must be included in a broad understanding of social innovation?
  2. What indicators and data are available for integrated impact measurement, and how do they have to be processed in order to be usable in a low threshold way?

For a more elaborate outline of the topic, see the document below (a more detailed programme will follow). Please join us virtually on June 14th, 14:00 – 16:00 CEST – we kindly ask you to register before June 10th.

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Organizer: ESSI - European School of Social Innovation

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