Western Balkans Research and Innovation Meeting

Technical R&I meeting of the Western Balkans Steering Platform on Research and Innovation

Section: Research Policy & Development

Date: 26. - 27. March 2019

The aim of the Western Balkans Research and Innovation Meeting is to follow up on decisions taken during the Steering Platform meeting in Brussels of June 2018 including an update on R&I strategies and budgets, technology transfer activities, and various ongoing initiatives.

The meeting - that is upon invitation only - will provide moreover the opportunity to discuss the forthcoming Western Balkans Summit (July 2019, Poznán) and potential research and innovation related messages highlighted there. It will finally provide the opportunity for preparatory steps towards the Ministerial Meeting in June 2019 in Skopje.

The event is  supported by the International Cooperation Service Facility on behalf of the EC. For further information, please visit WBC-RTI.INFO or contact Desiree Pecarz (pecarz_at_

Type: Collaborative event (ZSI as co-organiser)

Involved ZSI Employees:

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Tags: Balkan, policy dialogue, research and innovation policy

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