KNOWMAK – Launch event at STI 2018 conference in Leiden

Preview the KNOWMAK visualisation tool

Section: Research Policy & Development

Date: 13. September 2018

The KNOWMAK launch event presents and opens a Preview of the KNOWMAK tool to the general public. The event takes place at the 23rd International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators in Leiden, Netherlands. It is scheduled for September 13, 10.20-11.15, room Aalmarkt at concert hall Stadsgehoorzaal.

The launch event is intended to demonstrate the features of the KNOMWAK tool for the first time to a wider audience, and within an environment of potentially interested but also critical users.

Core of the event will thus be a demo of the main features of the tool, and the illustration of some basic use cases. In addition the overall approach will be introduced in a compact manner.

The programme of the launch event is as follows

  • Introductory Notes, Johan Stierna (European Commission, DG RTD)
  • The KNOWMAK project: Objectives and overall architecture, Benedetto Lepori, Philippe Laredo
  • The KNOWMAK tool: Demo of its main characteristics and some basic use cases, Dietmar Lampert
  • Q&A

A first release of the tool is accessible via the web:


Type: Event organised by other institutions


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Tags: co-creation, knowledge society, visualisation

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