Conference on Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities for a European Research Agenda

Austrian EU Council Presidency on the valuation of SSH in mission-oriented research

Section: Institut

Date: 28. - 29. November 2018

This conference will bring the valuation (i.e. the provision of added value through SSH and arts-based research) and impact contributions of social sciences and humanities (SSH) research to transformative, mission-oriented national and European research and innovation agendas to the forefront, to openly reflect and structurally discuss the topic in order to make it visible, debatable, verifiable and usable!

In line with this mission, the objectives of the conference are

  1. to provide a reflecting as well as forward-looking format to identify and appraise valuation pathways and impact generating processes within genuine SSH research as well as from inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary research activities which include SSH and arts-based research
  2. to showcase, learn from and discuss structures and policies which are beneficial for an enhanced impact-orientation of SSH research at various levels (e.g. project-level, institutional level, R&I policy-making level)
  3. to make a significant contribution to tracing and assessing the use and impact of R&D activities from the field of SSH (including arts-based research), to the benefit of a transformative and mission-oriented European research and innovation agenda.

The table below shows the most central conference themes according to the three main conference objectives.

Objective Theme
Valuation Pathways
  • Valuation narratives, theories of change and impact generation within genuine SSH research
  • Added value creation by involving SSH in inter-disciplinary projects driven primarily by other disciplines
  • Impact generating processes and methods in SSH research
  • Reflecting different judgments on the value-for-society of SSH and arts-based research
Structures & Policies
  • Support structures, policy-delivery formats and policies which support the valuation, outcome and impact generation of SSH research
  • Re-design of existing support structures and policies
  • Integration of SSH research the forthcoming European Framework Programme
  • Taking-up and scaling-up SSH pathways and impact dimensions in research programmes, calls for proposals and projects
Assessing Impact
  • Tracing, assessing and measuring the use and impact of SSH research activities and results
  • Intended and non-intended societal impacts, structuring impacts on policy-making and policies

The conference targets researchers from SSH and arts-based research as well as researchers from other disciplinary background, policy-makers, public research funding agencies, philanthropic organisations, representatives from business and the social economy, media representatives and civil society organisations.

Registration for participation for most official Austrian EU Council Presidency events will be open as of May 2018. Information about registration will be announced as soon as possible.

Registration for participation is open until 28th October 2018 – register as soon as possible! The registration includes all lunches and coffee breaks during the two conference days. Registration is free of charge! Please check this section of our website for recommendations about accommodation and general information about Vienna. Please note that Vienna is a busy tourist location. Thus, plan your journey early enough.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Vienna!




Type: Collaborative event (ZSI as co-organiser)

Organizer: The conference is organised by ZSI, the Centre for Social Innovation, on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (representing the Austrian EU Council Presidency in the field of RTI) and the European Commission.

Location: Vienna

Contact: Centre for Social Innovation – Zentrum für Soziale Innovation (ZSI) Mrs. Berenike Ecker (; 0043-1-4950442-38) Mr. Klaus Schuch (


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