EaP Panel on Research & Innovation 2016 annual event "Horizon 2020 NCPs training"

The event is hosted by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine at its premises in Kyiv

Section: Research Policy & Development

Date: 16. - 17. March 2016

From March 16-17 the EC EaP Panel on Research & Innovation in co-operation with the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science organise the annual "H2020 NCPs training" event in Kyiv, Ukraine.

On the first day the event features a keynote address by Mr Thierry Devars, DG R&I policy officer, on the "EU Eastern Partnership (EaP) Strategy in support of R&I  development and co-operation" and introduces the new H2020 Work Programmes for the period 2016-2017. Especially addressed are the NCPs from the EaP countries, which are provided with best practices and a tailored training on project management mandatories in the H2020 programme.

The second day continues with the training for NCPs, before wrapping up the main findings in an open plenary discussion.

Gorazd Weiss and Philipp Brugner from the RI-LINKS2UA project are invited to the event. In the plenary Mr Weiss presents on several aspects of H2020 project management (including innovation dimension in H2020, administrative, legal requirements in H2020). Further Mr Weiss and Mr Brugner together introduce the new H2020-WP on "Nano/Materials" in one of the parallel working groups targeted at NCPs.


Type: Event organised by other institutions

Organizer: EC EaP Panel on R&I, UA Ministry of Education and Science

Location: Ministry of Education and Science, Kyiv, Ukraine

Involved ZSI Employees:


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