Challenge Social Innovation

Innovating innovation by research - 100 years after Schumpeter

Section: Management including Cross-Project Activities, Work and Equal Opportunities, Research Policy & Development

Date: 19. - 21. September 2011

Challenge Social Innovation is an event co-organized by ZSI in collaboration with NET4SOCIETY (the Network of Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities National Contact Points) through the support of the European Commission, and the Dortmund University of Technology (Sozialforschungsstelle -sfs; Central Scientific Unit of Social Research).

Key-note speeches and up to about 100 presentation will be delivered by renowned researchers and practitioners in the field, from Europe as well as from Canada, the USA, South America, and South-east Asia (Japan, South Korea). Speakers include e.g. Denis Harrisson (University of Montreal), Agnès Hubert (BEPA), Antonella Noya (OECD), and Uwe Schneidewind (Wuppertal Institute).

A focused networking session takes place on 21st September, providing information on the Call for Proposals FP7-SSH-2012. SSH researchers and stakeholders (universities, research institutions, civil society organizations and SMEs) will have the opportunity to meet both potential coordinators and potential project partners in a structured networking environment.

Type: Collaborative event (ZSI as co-organiser)

Organizer: Josef Hochgerner

Location: Vienna

Contact: Pamela Bartar


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