Magª. Désirée Pecarz

Bereich: Forschungspolitik & Entwicklung

Funktionen am ZSI: Project manager



Arbeits- und Forschungsschwerpunkte:

Overall duty at ZSI
· management and design of projects focusing on ICT, international RTD/S&T co-operation, and SMEs business innovation with a special focus on Eastern European countries
Focus and other skills
· knowledge economy, research and innovation policies, European RTD programmes and international S&T development topics
· e-commerce, e-business, diffusion of ICT in SME sector(main focus on Italy, SEE, WB region)
· analysis of e-marketplaces, especially as to trustworthiness and credibility
· information services and international web portals

Laufende und abgeschlossene Projekte:

Weitere Publikationen:

- “New markets in the New Europe: co-operation opportunities in ICT sector – the case of Hungary and Romania”. Presented at seminars on “Companies and the New Europe: the new Eastern European markets and the opportunities of co-operation in the ICT sector” organized by Modena and Ravenna Chambers of Commerce (Italy, 2004)

- “The use of ICTs by SMEs in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region” (with C.Di Giorgio). Presented at the CEDEFOP synthesis seminar on “SMEs faced with the growing use of ICTs” (2004, Riga - Latvia)

- “State of the art and use of e-marketplaces in Slovenia”(with Andreja Pucihar). Published on European Official Portal as to information on B2B e-marketplaces (2004)

Teilnahme an folgenden Veranstaltungen:

Ausbildung und beruflicher Werdegang:

INFORMEST - Service and Documentation Centre for International Economic Co-operation (2001 - 03/2007, Gorizia - Italy)
Several positions held within the ICT & Innovation Department:
· Project manager
Coordination and development of projects focusing on eCommerce, ICT, international business promotion, and SMEs competitiveness in Eastern Europe and Asian Countries
· Product manager of the editorial "Informest Business Guide" (2002-2004)
Coordination and quality assurance of the Business Guide System comprising a set of guides to investments and business co-operation in 26 Central and Eastern European Countries, NIS and Asian States
· Editorial staff member of INFORMEST website and other project portals
Website content conception and development, design of new information services, co-ordination of editorial staff, relations with media and press, etc.

ASSICURAZIONI GENERALI (1999 - 2001, Udine and Trieste branches)
· Several spells as Front desk officer in the marketing and customer service area Main activities and responsibilities: Customer service, tele-marketing, promotion of insurance products and services


· University of Udine (2005, Italy)
Post graduate diploma in "Project Design" The Community Projects: from financing seeking to the project management
Principal subjects covered: Project cycle management, logical framework approach, team management, budgeting, projects evaluation and approval, monitoring, checking and reporting, dissemination of the results and impact analysis

· MIB - School of Management (2001,, Trieste-Italy)
Post graduate diploma in Marketing
Principal subjects covered: International marketing, marketing plan, marketing mix policies, communication, distribution system, business plan

· University of Trieste (1993-2000, Italy)
Graduate degree (Laurea) in "Economy of International Trade and Value Markets"
Principal subjects covered: International economy, Macroeconomy, Microeconomy, International marketing, Accounting, Data analysis, Economy and management of trade companies, Industrial economy, International monetary economy, Italian and foreign private Right, Commercial Code, European Community Right, History o fthe Economy, Transport Economy.

Short CV:

Ms. Desiree PECARZ, born in 1974, studied Economy of the International Trade at the University of Trieste (Italy). She has worked for 5 years at INFORMEST (Italian Agency for International Economic Cooperation) that provides information, assistance and consulting services for the business internationalisation in the Eastern Europe, Newly Independent States, China, Mongolia and Vietnam. She gained competences as product manager of the Informest Business Guides, and secondly as manager of Informest ICT projects. She joined ZSI in March 2007 and is now project manager of the SCORE initiative aimed at strengthening the strategic collaboration between the EU and the Western Balkan region in the field of ICT research.