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e-Work Development in Slovenia

e-Work Development in Slovenia

Slovenian government approved an Operational Programme for implementation of home based businesses and teleworking as one of the programmes in the National Employment Action Plan in the period 2000/2001. In May Small Business Development Centre (SBDC) published Call for the proposal and the consortium, formed especially to meet the requirements of the call, was formed. The consortium consists of six companies as follows: INOVA from Velenje, IPAK from Velenje, A.L.P. PECA , RACIO from Celje, TIZ from Slovenske Konjice and KIN from Sevnica. The consortium was chosen as the best bidder, IPAK was selected to be representative organisation.

Overall Objectives:
- To assure systematic approach in developing new flexible ways of employment
- home based business and e-work are considered to be more friendly ways of employment
- to create ICT friendly environment on the national level for higher employment rate in the ICT sector

Specified objectives:
- to create new jobs in the sector of home based business and e-Work
- formation of the logistic centre
- to develop a system for evaluation of quality and market potential of the products
- to develop new skills required for e-Work
- to develop new programmes for upskilling of the people already employed to incite the employment in different target groups
- to change the criteria for self-employment
- networking of micro- and larger companies in ICT sector
- promotion of e-Work
- to develop e-work friendly support environment
- to stimulate e-entrepreneurship
- to reduce "black market economy
- one of the indicators was to create conditions that 1000 people will work in e-sector until the end of the year 2002


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Von/Bis: 11/2000 - 12/2002

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