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Fact Finding Mission Westbalkan

WB Capacity Building

The countries of the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, Serbia) are close neighbors of the European Union and including Croatia close cooperation partners for science, industry and the public sector. This is why it is important to support the pillar of policy advice / promotion of knowledge and know-how (capacity building) alongside the classical pillar of the promotion of joint projects.

This second pillar is particularly important because enabling environment makes project success possible and ensures it in the long term. However, projects carried out so far show that WB countries have to catch up, above all in the acquisition and administration of research projects, reform of the university landscape, evaluations and statistics. This is often attributed to the inadequate qualification of the staff in local, regional and national institutions of science and administration.

However, these are mainly feedbacks from ongoing and completed projects. In order to obtain a holistic overview of the current situation, it is necessary to analyze existing problems and requirements in a structured manner. This is done in a fact finding mission (FFM). Subsequently, future tenders can be targeted by addressing the identified needs in order to help the WB countries to make their science system more efficient.

The purpose of this FFM is thus to provide the internal view of the WB Capacity Building situation from different perspectives and to formulate recommendations for the future tenders.

The project is implemented by the TU Hamburg (TuTech/TUHH), ZSI is involved in a project as a consulting partner and represented by our WBC experts Ines Marinkovic and Elke Dall.


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