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EUWIN - European Network for Workplace Innovation

Promoting Workplace Innovation and connecting stakeholders

EUWIN aims at establishing and managing a European learning network for workplace innovation on behalf of the European Commission. Building on the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme, the objective is to stimulate workplace innovation in Europe by connecting stakeholders from all relevant backgrounds. EUWIN has the following five objectives:

  1. EUWIN will focus on animating, resourcing and sustaining workplace innovation in companies in order to create more scale and impact across the EU.
  2. EUWIN will accelerate the transfer of know-how and the application of workplace innovation practices in Europe.
  3. EUWIN will include a strong communication and awareness-raising component.
  4. Achieving a full European coverage is certainly our most important objective at the outset. EUWIN therefore aims to provide a focal point and a clearing house for knowledge sharing between all "workplace innovators" across Europe, addressing the current fragmentation which weakens the potential for establishing an intellectual and professional climate in favour of workplace innovation.
  5. EUWIN will remain a light structure, building on existing national or regional networks active in workplace innovation.

The EUWIN consortium consisting of organisations with long-term experience in studying and implementing workplace innovation is led by TNO ( Six “regional animators” (=organisations) have the task to invite stakeholders supporting workplace innovation in public bodies, private companies, and research institutes to the EUWIN network. ZSI is covering Austria as well as the countries Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, and Slovenia.


  • Lisa Wimmer
  • DI Dr. Anette Scoppetta (Projektleitung)
  • Mag. Alexander Kesselring

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