Visit of the Evaluation Research Centre of Chinese Academy of Sciences to ZSI

26. Sep 2023

Evaluation and STI cooperation among the topics discussed

On September 21, Prof. Xiaoxuan Li and Prof. Fang Xu from the Evaluation Research Centre of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASERC) visited ZSI to present about the institution’s specific role in performance evaluation of all the institutes under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). These CAS-internal evaluations are usually involving high-level experts from other world regions too, including the EU. During their evaluations, the CASERC team has recently developed a new approach based on the “BRIDGE theory for research evaluation”, combining quantitative analysis and qualitative evaluation. ZSI, on the other hand, has been involved in several independent and peer-review based benchmarking (evaluation) exercises to assess the maturity of national Research & Innovation Systems (R&I Systems), such as those of Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Armenia or Moldova and Kazakhstan. In all of these countries, the national Academies of Science and their institutes constitute a key role within the R&I system, thus having been in focus for the benchmarking exercises specifically. Apart from many overlaps in the design and implementation of evaluations in the R&I sector, Prof. Xiaoxuan Li and Prof. Fang Xu were interested to learn more about ReConnect China and China Horizons as the two currently running Horizon Europe projects researching on China from a European perspective. In ReConnect China, ZSI recently finished its report on science, technology and innovation cooperation between the EU Members States (involving also the UK, Norway and Switzerland) and China, and the meeting provided a good moment to share its main results with the CASERC delegation.

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